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Understanding Gas Hot Water Cylinders

Whether you already have one installed or are looking at getting a new one, gas hot water cylinders are the most popular solution for a lot of kiwi households. The most famous reason why you see people get them over the other variants is because of that instant heat feature. With other systems you may have to wait a few minutes while the shower heats up. Nothing is worse than standing around naked in the freezing cold waiting for your shower to heat up!

That one little feature may be the only factor that you are after however a lot goes into gas hot water cylinders. It is important that you understand everything before you make your final purchase decision as they are a large investment after all. Below we will try to help you understand everything you need to know about the best hot water cylinders.


How do they work?

Before we begin you should probably understand how the system works before you go straight out and buy one. While each system may differ slightly the more common models have thermostat modulate that allows you to set a certain heat for your system. This sensor detects the temperature of the liquid in your tank and will automatically turn on if it drops below that threshold. This particular variant is for systems with a tank that holds the liquid in reserve. Tankless variants also exist where they heat in real time.

When a tap opens up in your household, your gas hot water cylinder will detect this and then rev up the burners to ensure that liquid you are getting out of the tap is at the temperature you want it. You can also set a preferred temperature on your system however it won’t hold it in reserve. Rather you can think of it as an instantaneous kettle that gives you heat as soon as you need it.




Every system will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages and gas hot water cylinders are no different. Below are just some of the advantages that gas hot water cylinders can offer.


water heaterFaster heating

We’ve mentioned it several times beforehand but the instant heating is really something that goes a long way. Even with the tank variants they are designed to maintain a heat so it is very unlikely that you will run out.


Can work during a blackout

When the power goes out an electric system will go with it. However if you use the other variants without an electrical ignition you can still have a nice warm shower in the dark! This can be a real game changer for people who rely on electric heaters for warmth during the colder months.



To give you a non-bias opinion, here are some of the disadvantages of gas hot water cylinders.


Difficult installation

These system are very complex and from so requires a professional to install them. If installed incorrectly they can be potentially dangerous which in turn requires some extra labour hours as well. They also require a complex ventilation system to ensure that everything is working and in proper order.


Larger upfront cost

While the gaseous systems can save you money in the long run, in the moment the system do generally cost more. As there are more components involved plus the installation costs it can set you back a fair bit. For households that are on a strict budget you may want to save for other variants but if you are desperate in the moment you may find that an electrical system is a better choice.

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