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The Pros and Cons of Technology

We live in the digital world. There is a virtual counterpart to anything that exists physically. Technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives and is constantly improving at a rate which will not come down. All this has happened in the span of a century and as a result, it has caused a shift in lifestyles of people, a shift in the way people think and operate. Ever since technology began producing machines that are better than humans on almost all the jobs in the face of the Earth, a debate sparked which asked the question if technology was good for mankind or not. There are many pros and cons of technology that have been discussed and some of them are:

Pros of Technology

  • Improved Efficiency – Technology has brought on many inventions onto this world that has improved the lifestyle of many people. Computers, email, and above all the Internet have had great impacts on the society. The biggest pro is the time that a machine takes to do things. Things can be done almost instantly by using technology. This has greatly impacted business as well. The means of doing things in business, mainly manufacturing goods has been greatly streamlined. This has resulted in major reductions in waste and lower costs for the consumers.
  • Increased Job Opportunities – Technology has created a gigantic amount of new jobs in the world. Many people are needed to work with the new technology in homes and the workplace. Many people are required to maintain and develop this technology as well. It has opened the door to many new employment opportunities for many youngsters.
  • Better Communication – It is now very easy to stay in contact with another person. To look back and find people exchanging letters just seems weird now. You can collaborate with anyone in the entire world. You can talk to anybody, video chat with them, or just chat with them.
  • Improved Medical Care – One of the major pros of Technology is the improved medical care that it has been providing ever since its inception. A lot of technology is constantly being developed in the medical field. Surgical procedures and everyday functions have been made very simple and efficient.

Now to the cons of Technology. Some of the widely acknowledged cons of Technology are:

    • A Social Divide – Technology as you know, is expensive. Not everyone can afford it. This creates a divide between the rich and the poor, with the rich having robots, do their work for them. The poor have to do the work themselves. This is what creates a social divide between them.
    • Laziness – Our generation has gone so lazy, as it has machines to do its work for them. Everything is easier, and everything is done for them. With the slow advancement of technology, people are forgetting the old-fashioned way of doing things – good old hardwork.


  • Quickly becomes obsolete – This the the problem with any new invention. As technology keeps on advancing, newer and cooler versions of it are designed. This is the problem with technology. If you have something new and cool, it might soon become obsolete. This is causing our landfills to be filled up with unused computers, cell phones, and other things damaging the environment.
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