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2 Common Errors Made In DIY Sydney Bathroom Renovations

Tis the season of home improvement, and for many people looking at conducting their own Sydney bathroom renovations, the DIY gloves are coming out. Every year there are thousands of happy families, couples and amateur enthusiasts who tackle the task of Sydney bathroom renovation with an admirable spirit, but sometimes lackluster hindsight. 

While it is laudable to see so many people adopting a little bit of responsibility for their own home improvement, there are somethings that are sometimes best left to the professionals, things like Sydney bathroom renovations. Not only because it usually involves plumbing, electrical work, and precise measurements that can be hard to navigate at the best of times – but also in the time, effort and hidden costs that are not always planned for when DIYing your Sydney bathroom renovations. 

This article will be going over some of the rookie errors that are commonly made with DIY Sydney bathroom renovations, with each supplemented by a reason as to why a professional may be the right call to make for ambitious projects. 

  1. Budgeting Incorrectly 

One of the most common errors we’ve seen with amateur DIYers is the lack of pre-preparation that goes into the planning stages of any given project. Oftentimes there are hidden costs below the surface of Sydney bathroom renovations that aren’t always considered from the outset. While the superficial aspects such as tiling choices, lighting, mirrors, porcelain pieces and vanity setups are typically included in people’s minds. 

However, the costs of moving the plumbing around, re-wiring the electrical outlets (should there be a change in the layout of the home), and general cost of time in preparing, resurfacing and conducting the overall enhancement is often well underestimated. This is especially true if there is a steep learning curve in the DIYers skillset pertaining to Sydney bathroom renovations. 

This is where the utility and recommendation of a solid professional service comes in handy. Not only do they usually charge a flat rate, but they also have the expertise to navigate every facet of the project without having to double back on a common error. 

  1. Measure Once Cut Twice

A lot of the DIYers we’ve seen conducting Sydney bathroom renovations have a tendency to rush a little through the important measurements that have costly consequences in the long run. Whether it be a slight mistake in the placement of elements like the bathtub or showerhead that does not align with the plumbing, or a disconnect with the lighting and wiring in the main walls. 

A professional service in the realm of Sydney bathroom renovations negate these rookie errors that are easy to make but hard to rectify.

In the end it is quite laudable to have the gall to give it a go for yourself, no one is going to belittle that effort. However, when it comes to these common and unfortunate errors – sometimes it is best to leave the more sensitive rooms of the house to the professionals. 

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